Hi my name is Michaela. I'm 17, I live in texas and I have a wonderful boyfriend named Joshua. My blog is all about love. if you ever need to talk feel free to message me :)

And so the star of the football team fell for the shy chemistry geek

I only hope that twenty years from now he will love me as much as he does right now

Girl: you’ll always love me right?
Boy: yes baby, until the day you decide you don’t love me anymore
*girl smiles*
Boy: wait never mind that’s not true.
Girl: huh?
Boy: even if you stopped loving me and we weren’t together anymore, my heart would still belong to you. I could never stop loving you

  • Girl: I still don't understand how someone like you could fall in love with someone like me. I wore sweatpants and hoodies almost everyday and hardly any makeup.
  • Boy: that's exactly why
  • Girl: huh?
  • Boy: you didn't wear low shirts or tight pants, so it was easy to notice the things that matter.
  • Girl: oh and what did you notice?
  • Boy: your sweet and innocent nature, a sparkle in your big brown eyes, a beautiful smile, and a cute little giggle that would escape when you got nervous.

And he loved her so much that he left her because he knew leaving her was the only way she would accomplish her goals in life and he knew that she would become someone great

And they couldn’t have been more different but they loved each other more than they loved themselves

  • Girl: I have a question
  • Boy: what is it baby?
  • Girl: back in high school before we started dating or even talking, you would always trip me in the hallway. Why?
  • Boy: well the first time it was an accident and I felt bad because I didn't even know your name, but you just looked at me and smiled. You were so sweet and you're smile was so beautiful that I wanted to see it again. That's why I tripped you every chance I got. Even when you were angry you smiled that beautiful smile

Being in Love is the best and worst feeling in the world

The truth is before you came along, I never believed in love

  • Boy: baby I'm sleepy
  • Girl: ok sweetie go to sleep
  • Boy: are you sure?
  • Girl yes sweetie
  • Girl: wait babe I know you're sleepy but my stomach hurts and I don't want to be alone. Will you please stay on the phone with me?
  • Boy: nope
  • Girl: oh ok. Goodnight then.
  • Boy: no baby, stay up a few minutes longer and ill be right there to hold you